Blessed Blood Vulva & Guilty C. - The Third Slaughter( CD)

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ノイズ・プロジェクト GxCxとのゴア トラッシュ ユニット。
The Pure Scum God!
極少リリースされた1stカセット,1st 2nd EPのレア音源収録

Gore trash unit.
Obscene and salaciousness lyricist/vocalist BLESSED BLOOD VULVA meets Japanese harsh insanity the GxCx SKULL!
Bloodcurdling Glands recall into the damp and wet wet pure black magic circle.
Screaming insanity vocals,noise feedback sound & Harsh pandemonium collage!
This 1st album include,1st cassette, 1st, 2nd EP, Rare sound source.
A total of 65 tracks,pure scum sound that opens the gates of hell!!

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